About Bella Property Management

Bella Property Management, Inc. is a licensed property management company based in Panama City, Florida. We are in the business of property management to help our clients meet their needs and achieve their goals with little or no stress on their part, because our role is to remove the stress and deliver carefree rental property ownership.

We currently manage approximately 50 properties in Florida, and we are expanding, so we look forward to helping more property owners and tenants in the future.

We will ensure that every property that is kept within our care is properly managed, because we are in the business to deliver excellent services to both landlords and tenants.

Much more than renting our client’s properties out to tenants, we intend to build a loyal customer base with both property owners and tenants.  We offer incentives to law abiding tenants for excellent property maintenance and longer term lease agreements.

We always strive to minimize the risk of litigation and the risk of damage to rental units. We have also perfected strategies to maximize profits by simply slashing vacancy rates, repair costs and maintenance costs of all properties under our care.

As a property management company, we are going to be both proactive and reactive when dealing with issues relating to our tenants. We are quite aware that most issues can be cleared up easily if addressed immediately, but when they are left to fester, they can result in lawsuits, damaged rental properties, and payment defaults.

Bella Property Management will always abide by the Fair Housing Act, which means not singling out one particular demographic group when sourcing for tenants for our properties. We leverage all available means to advertise our vacant properties and will not restrict our properties to any group of tenants, but solely to clients whom qualify and can afford the rent.